Design Process

Initial Consultation

1The existing yard is discussed and the clients share their vision for their yard. The designer seeks to understand the client’s style and tastes both from what is said and from clues outside or inside the house. Possible solutions to challenging areas are discussed A design fee estimate is submitted after the initial consultation.

Site Assessment

2A complete site assessment is performed by the designer. Home and garden measurements are made and existing plants are catalogued. Challenges, assets, views, and terrain will be noted. Photos of the site are made to help in the design process.

Computer Assisted 3D Design

3To aid in visualization, we use a computer program to create landscape designs in 3 dimensions and real-time. The house and surroundings are incorporated into the design along with terrain differences, retaining walls, fences etc. It becomes much easier for the client to visualize a project when they can look at pictures and get a sense of what spaces will look like in relation to the house and surroundings.

Concept Plan

4A concept plan is presented without any plantings or fine detail. The focus is on the bones of the garden. It is meant to determine pathways, hedges, and hardscapes as well as what different areas of the yard will be used for.

Final Plan

5The final plan includes finer details not included in the concept plan. Specific plants are selected for each of the different spaces. The client is provided with colourful 3D photographs to help visualize the garden. A detailed full colour planting plan and plot plans are provided in digital and hard copy. Installation steps are discussed and areas are prioritized.