Our Services


Silverstone Landscapes performs garden maintenance. We care for plants as needed and ensure that landscape beds look neat and fresh.

Landscape Designs

Our designs are driven by the house style, its setting and its occupants . We enjoy the challenge of designing in different styles. Learn more about our different garden design styles from our blog post. Our design process ensures that you will have a perfect landscape for your needs.


We know plants and it shows in the way we prune. We strive to retain the individual character of trees and shrubs. When we prune we carefully remove dead and diseased wood, crossing branches are removed and others are thinned to allow air circulation around the plant.


Ponds, fences, walkways, patios, walls- if we designed it, we can install it. We also partner with reputable irrigation experts, builders, concrete artists and fencers who provide the same high standard of quality and service that you expect from us. Our plants are locally sourced, retail grade quality, ensuring that plants get off to a good start quickly.

Landscape Lighting

Our lighting plans maximize the best features of your garden. We use low voltage LED lighting which provides a warm light, has a low impact on the environment and is efficient to run.

Landscape Renovations

We renew spaces that have become overgrown or tired. Our makeover plans add curb appeal to your yard. You set a budget and a time frame and we make suggestions on where you will get the most impact to enhance your yard. Then we make the magic happen by removing overgrown plants, repositioning beds or adding special features.

Green Roofs

Silverstone Landscapes is a certified green roof installer. We have experience planting and caring for rooftop gardens in lightweight soilless media. In addition to our regular maintenance services, we provide scheduled green roof maintenance in the form of plant care, fertilizing and weeding.


Lawns require good aeration, access to nutrition, neutral acidity and evenly moist soil. When we install lawns we ensure that these conditions are met resulting in a healthy start for sod or seed.